I&I Group Public Company Limited (hereinafter referred as the “Company”) respect the rights to privacy of our customers, investors, visitors and event participants (hereinafter referred to as "you"). To ensure that your personal data is protected, the Company have created this privacy notice to inform the details regarding the collection, use, disclosure, deletion, and destruction (collectively, the "processsing ") of your personal data, both online and other channels, in accordance with the personal data protection law.

1. Purpose of collection / use / disclosure of the Personal Data
  • To communicate and provide various information relating to products, services, and activities of the Company
  • To transmit information to any third party or business alliance of the Company in relation to products and/or services of the Company
  • To serve any other purposes which have been notified at the time of collection of your Personal Data or any other purposes in relation to any of the above purposes.
  • The Company will not use or disclose your Personal Data UNLESS it is necessary for the purposes set out above or disclosed to any person in the Company or the parties involved in the contract, as required by law, governmental authority, supervision organization or with your consent.
2. Personal Data collection

The Company will collect the contact information you have provided to the Company. Such as email address, phone number, online contact channels, and workplace.

3. Cookies

The Company use cookies to collect personal data as specified in the cookies policy. https://www.ii.co.th/en/cookies-policy

4. Personal Data Retention

The Company will retain your Personal Data only for such period of time as necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy.

5. Transferring Personal Data Overseas
  • The Company may send or transfer your personal data to our affiliates or other persons in a foreign country if it is necessary in order for the Company to perform our obligations in the contract to which you are the counterparty or contract between the Company and third party for your benefit, to respond to your pre-contractual request; to protect your and third party’s life, body and health, to comply with laws or to the extent necessary for the public interest activities.
  • In the event that your personal data is transferred to a foreign country, the Company will comply with applicable personal data protection laws and take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data is protected and you can exercise your rights in accordance with the laws. Moreover, the Company will require those who receive the data to have appropriate protection measures for your personal data, to process such personal data only as necessary, and to prevent others from illegally using or disclosing part of the information.
6. Security Measures
  • The Company have implemented appropriate technical and administrative standards to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access use, disclose, or destruction. The Company use technology and security procedures such as encryption and access restriction to ensure that only authorized people shall have.
  • The Company provide appropriate security measures to prevent the loss, access, use, change, disclosure of personal data from those who do not have rights or duties related to that personal data. The Company will review the above-mentioned measures when necessary or when technology changes in order to have a suitable security performance.
7. Owner's rights
  • The person who owns the Personal Data is entitled to access and make copy of the relevant Personal Data provided to the Company and which is under control of the Company or request for disclosure of the Personal Data to which you do not consent, UNLESS it is to protect the owner of the data or the rights of the other person, is contrary to or inconsistent with the provisions of the law or court order or other cases as required by law.
  • You may cancel the use of your Personal Data or the disclosure of your Personal Data to which you have consented. After the cancellation, the Company may collect data for inspection of services provided to you or to proceed with any legal actions, provided that the Company will not use your Personal Data for any other purposes.
  • If the Company does not maintain the Personal Data as required by law, you may request the Company to destroy, remove, suspend the use of or anonymize your Personal Data.
  • Any other rights under the laws, e.g. the right to amend personal data, the right to cancel the use of personal data, the right to object any process of personal data, for whatsoever reason.
  • You may exercise any right as mentioned above through Tel. 02-248-3746 or pdpa@ii.co.th, in which case the Company will consider and inform you of a result of your complaint within 30 days from the date on which the Company receives your complaint.
  • You can unsubscribe from the Company's investor relations e-mail by clicking on the link "Unsubscribe" provided in every email or follow the link at https://www.ii.co.th/en/investor-relations/information-inquiry/email-alerts-unsubscribe .
8. Exceptions to the Confidentiality of Personal Data

Any of the following actions shall not be deemed an offense to the Privacy Policy:

  • An action towards the Personal Data that has been disclosed to the public at the time you disclose this information to the Company or that is publicly disclosed which is not the fault of the Company or its Affiliates.
  • Disclosure of the Personal Data with your written consent or permission by any other means.
  • Disclosure of information as necessary by laws, orders, rules, regulations, court orders, or governmental agency, or other necessities.
9. Company Contact

I&I Group Public Company Limited
475 Siripinyo Building, 18 Fl., Si Ayutthaya Rd., Thanon Phaya Thai, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400 Thailand
Tel : 02-248-3746
Fax : 02-248-3747
E-mail : pdpa@ii.co.th
Website : www.ii.co.th