At iiG, you are more than your job title. We pride ourselves on supporting great and like-minded talents who contain potential and passion to create value for business and society.

Why iiG?


Work with world class technologies.


Continuous learning and development opportunities.


Grow professionally with Agile way of work.


Surrounded by passionate team.

Employees Testimonials

Working at iiG gives me many opportunities to learn new things everyday. And seeing and knowing that our services really help our customers going through their digital transformation is quite a rewarding experience!


I enjoy working at iiG every day. I am proud to help solve problems for my clients and to be part of their success.


It is a great opportunity to challenge myself by working with a variety of clients which gives a wide variety of experiences as well.


Working at iiG, I gained more knowledge and developed my creativity. I am proud to be a part of iiG.


Every day at iiG is a progressive experience. We support each other like family. I'm glad to be part of iiG family.