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CRM Products for Sales, Service, and More

Salesforce.com's CRM products and cloud-computing model (also known as software as a service) provide many benefits to enterprises, requiring only moderate operating expense and offering a pay-as-you-go, elastic model that can scale with your changing needs. Salesforce CRM solutions offer the fastest path to customer success in the cloud.

CRM solutions:

The Sales Cloud delivers the next generation of collaboration between sales and marketing across the enterprise. When sales, marketing, and partner organizations collaborate via business CRM products, everyone is connected to the best information, best content, best strategies, and best practices across the entire enterprise, helping you close more deals and grow your business. An integral part of the salesforce.com CRM solution, the Sales Cloud gives business users the ability to tightly manage their sales process and marketing spend.

CRM solutions:

The Service Cloud transforms customer service through the power of cloud computing. In Salesforce CRM solutions, the Service Cloud brings together information from industry-leading cloud-computing services like Google, Facebook, and Twitter to capture every conversation and leverage every community expert in the cloud. By capturing these conversations in salesforce.com’s business CRM solutions, the Service Cloud helps you deliver the expertise of the community to customers, agents, and partners regardless of location or device. With salesforce.com’s CRM products, the quality of customer service is consistent across every channel.

CRM solutions for partner relationship management

make it easy for your partners to access leads, collaborate on deals, and locate all the information they need in order to be successful. Salesforce.com’s CRM products for partner management are seamlessly integrated with the overall CRM solution, so you get unparalleled visibility into your company's entire sales pipeline for direct and indirect channels.

CRM solutions for marketing automation

enables closed-loop marketing so you can execute, manage, and analyze the results of multichannel campaigns. Marketing executives can measure the ROI of their budgets, tie revenue back to specific marketing programs, and make adjustments in real time, all in a single business CRM solution from salesforce.com.

CRM solutions for collaboration

make working with your important communities—customers, partners, employees, and more—easier and more effective than ever. Salesforce.com’s CRM solutions includes a content library that brings Web 2.0 usability to your business content so you can share it more effectively and enhance collaboration within your organization. Business CRM is also made more powerful with salesforce.com’s ideas feature, which helps you build an active online community where you can create a dynamic dialogue with your customers, partners, and employees. CRM products are even more powerful when they integrate with the other tools you use everyday, and Salesforce CRM integrates with Google Apps, Google AdWords, and the major business productivity tools from Microsoft and others.

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