Our story

In the era of digital transformation where emerging technologies, ever-changing customer needs and hyper-competitive business landscape become the new norms, it is more important than ever for companies to continuously reinvent their businesses and respond faster than ever to customer expectations before being disrupted by new players. 

Our passion, at I&I, lies in partnering our clients in executing their digital transformation by bridging the gaps and elevating their highest-possible potentials by providing end-to-end solutions and professional services in the areas of strategy, technology, data, brand & customer experience, touchpoint and cross-channel management which will, in turn, accelerate and sustain their growth.

With our uncompromised commitment and unmatched expertise under a bespoke team-based approach, proven by years of experience, we pledge to give our clients the confidence to live on the edge and make strategic move that will drive exceptional results.

Our philosophy

We believe in the power of technology, data, and creativity that unlock business opportunities and unleash its potential.

Our history & Milestones

Founded in 1991, we were the first to offer IT solutions; an end-to-end enterprise application to leading organizations across various sectors in Thailand. Today, our business includes iCE Consulting Co., Ltd. (iCE) and I&I Experience Co., Ltd. (iiXP)

Amidst the emergence of extraordinary technologies that pushes boundaries and changes the way human live i.e. Social Media, Mobile, Cloud Computing, IoT, AI, etc., we strive to drive sustainable business transformations through our services and solutions; Digital Transformation in Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Customer Experience Management (CEM)

With nearly three decades of trust, we believe that our people are our greatest asset. We have built a best-in-class team of professionals who are equipped with the latest technological expertise and the understanding of the challenges that our clients face every day. 

We aim to promote and equip Thai businesses with digital skills that will enable Thailand to compete globally.



  • Founded with an initial registered capital at 5 million baht
  • QAD ERP Software Partner


1st Reseller of Oracle apps in Thailand


Established iCE consulting Co., Ltd.


Salesforce® CRM Software Partner


Established Chiang Mai branch office


  • Established I&I Experience Co., Ltd.
  • Transformed into a public company limited with an initial registered capital at 50 million baht


Our vision

The most trusted partner with great passion in helping clients thrive in the digital economy.

Our mission

To realize our vision, we have 3 main missions:

Inspire our people to be at their best in helping our clients to achieve their unbounded growth amidst the era of digital economy.

Enable our clients to utilize their highest potential through close collaboration and unmatched digital expertise.

Create sustainable growth to all stakeholders and bring prosperity to our society.

Our core values

Here are the set of principles and values that guide our everyday decision and how we behave in the world.


we are passionate about what we do for our clients. We have pride in our company and work relentlessly to achieve common goals. We have a strong will to win and to succeed in any market settings. We strive to be the best.



we are committed to provide world’s leading technologies and professional services that delivers exceptional outcomes to our clients. We uphold the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and integrity in all of our actions.



We are always a reliable partner and go an extra mile in helping our clients realizing their potential. We believe in a win-win strategy where we grow alongside our stakeholders. We cultivate strong team spirit, working towards common goals.

Client solutions

We work hard to overcome our clients’ barriers and building a long-term relationship that will create a meaningful positive impact and sustainable growth in their businesses.