Our story

In the era of digital transformation where emerging technologies, ever-changing customer needs and hyper-competitive business landscape become the new norms, it is more important than ever for companies to continuously reinvent their businesses and respond faster than ever to customer expectations before being disrupted by new players.

I&I Group Public Company Limited is a leading digital and technology consulting company in Thailand focusing on creating sustainable value and growth through providing end-to-end solutions and professional services for our clients.

Today, our passion lies in helping our clients lead the change by bridging the gaps and elevating their potentials so that they can focus on what matters, thus, accelerating business growth.

With our uncompromised commitment and unmatched expertise under a bespoke team-based approach, proven by years of experience, we pledge to give our clients the confidence to live on the edge and make strategic move that will drive exceptional results.

Our vision is simple and clear

To be the most trusted partner in helping our clients thrive in the Digital Economy

Our missions

To realize our vision, here are our missions

Inspire our people to be at their best, so that they can help our customer achieve their goal amidst the era of digital transformation.

Empower our clients to bridge their gaps and realize their potential through close collaboration and unmatched expertise.

Create sustainable value to all of our stakeholders as well as bring growth and positive impacts to our community and society.

Service and solutions

We are a team of passionate individuals driven by the goal to become our client’s reliable growth partner and are fueled by the desire to provide solutions that answer their needs.

Working alongside leading Thai companies, we enable our clients to bring their businesses to the new heights by offering a wide range of services which are categorized into 4 key areas as following

Business Analytics & Marketing Strategy

We help identify your brand and business challenges, then, uncover new opportunities, and turn them into new ideas that is able to transform your business, unlock new value, and enhance your edge in the digital era.

Data Management & Technology

We aim to help you make use and bring out the most of the collected data by turning those data into an explicit action to create an impact to the business and their customers.

Customer Relationship & Experience Management

We are in an era that experience matters more than ever. Building a great brand delivering meaningful customer experience built on data and insights is our core focus today.

Cross-channel & Campaign Management

We focus on helping you win over the empowered customers by activating and managing your customers’ personalized experiences that will drive loyalty across platforms and touchpoints to ensure your business growth.

Our clients